Closer Look

Why are Networks Important?

Networks are people who are connected with each other. They are your ‘Tribe’ there to support you with your new baby or child. They help celebrate the fun parts of raising your child, and they literally ‘have your back’ when parenting gets tough.

Network science is new; it focuses on the relationships in peoples’ lives instead of tasks or activities. The science is teaching us that a well-managed network is imperative to a less stressful, happy and successful life – no matter how each of us defines ‘success.’ We all need strong human connections to survive and grow. Experts say that networks enhance our resiliency. They improve our health, wealth and likelihood of success in all endeavors. They even increase the likelihood of survival in harsh times. In fact, limbic brain satisfaction depends on our relationships with other people. Without those relationships – even when our physical needs are met – we suffer and can even die.

Displaying your child’s network or ‘Tribe’ with a SageMy™Life map is a visual reminder that your network is there when you need them.

Why It’s Important to Manage your Child’s Network

While babies are born into their parents’ networks, they soon start to develop their own. People are amazed when they see the size and complexity of a young child’s network. We aren’t. We’ve seen lots of networks and understand how large they can grow – and how quickly.  Keeping a close eye on who is in your child’s network as they grow can support a healthy lifestyle and social environment for your child. Children rely on their parents to manage their networks for them. Complex, fragmented or poorly managed networks create problems for parents and children alike, making parenting more difficult. Networks can be supportive, or not. Conscious understanding of the network and how it works can help you avoid the negative consequences of mismanagement.

Who Benefits from SageMy™Life Network Maps?

SageMy™Life network maps present a new way to visualize the five networks that support your child’s life: Family, Social, Spiritual, Health & Wellness, and Education & Enrichment.

A Useful Tool for Parents

SageMy™Life network maps can help you make informed decisions about your child that will have a lasting effect on their overall well-being. The maps help you see the depth and breadth of your child’s network – those who care and will be there to help. You probably have more support than you think. But the map may show you a gap where you could use more help, like another reliable, experienced babysitter.

As they grow, updating the map each year will help you keep pace with how your child’s network is growing and changing. Even young children quickly expand their social networks as they enter daycare or play groups. Their networks grow exponentially when they start school or get involved in sports, music and other types of enrichment. The maps become conversation starters to learn about new friends, teachers, coaches and others who influence your child’s life. This is an excellent way to reinforce lessons about safety, distinguishing network members from strangers.


A Memory Machine for Children

Early focus groups have shown that SageMy™Life network maps clearly illustrate to young children the people in their very own networks – a source of pride, security and safety. With your child’s photo proudly displayed in the center, these maps become a powerful memory machine for later in life – the 21st Century Baby Book!

Network maps also help children see and understand how they are related to family members. This becomes especially important in blended, adoptive and foster families, as well as for families who live far from each other. Seeing a network can allay a child’s concern about who would care for them if their parents couldn’t.


Sage Reflections

Every child has a unique network. We at SageMy™Life want to help their parents better understand those networks! With every map purchase, we provide parents with SageReflections™ on children’s networks – the roles each group plays in their child’s life, including the special role they play during stressful times like a serious illness or moving. Our goal is to support parents as they take charge of their child’s network.

How to Create a SageMy™Life Map

Creating a child’s map is fun and exciting to do! As you’ll see, not only is it a quick and easy process, but you can peek at the map as you’re building it. You can even do it with the child so they can see how big their very own network is – and who’s in it!

Step 1. Purchase a map for $29.95 and we’ll email a redemption code

Step 2. Redeem your code on our dedicated webpage

Step 3. Create a password-protected account using your email address

Step 4. Create your map!

Our easy-to-use online tool calls to mind the many people who might be in your child’s network. Click-through the list, customize with names, and save as you build. Our unique tool allows you to take a peek along the way. You can Review & Edit your map at any time before you’re finished. Got started and can’t finish now? Don’t worry. You can always come back and edit your map once you’ve started. When your map is done, click Complete & Lock It, then download your map! Once it is locked you can no longer edit it.

If you have any questions, please use the chat feature on this site or give us a call toll-free at 844-527-6981.